Helping Academic Researchers

“It was clear that we needed to reach out to someone [to manage the large volume of data] before we could even start the project.”

– Dr. Steven Broglio PhD, ATC

Preventing obstacles from slowing down your research study – before it’s too late

In academic research, the accepted database standard is REDCap. After all, it’s free and well-understood.

But what many researchers don’t realize until it’s too late, is that the simple set up of the platform can potentially limit the success of your study if you’re not aware of the limitations in advance.

At QuesGen, we believe in the power of a well-adopted tool, but found too many researchers looking for a more powerful alternative.

That’s where QuesGen comes in. Learn how our platform can better serve your researchers when encountering one or more of the common obstacles (below).

Are your research teams encountering any of these obstacles?

Discover when and how QuesGen can help.

Limitations due to study complexity

Data-rich studies require a fully relational database. REDCap – while an excellent data collection tool for studies with simpler data models – does not offer a fully-relational platform that can link instruments and tables to meet any degree of complexity.

Current database tools don’t offer custom integrations

If you have a need to integrate studies or study data with additional applications, QuesGen can custom build this. Connect your research study with Electronic Health Records, or other types of health data or platforms.

Researchers need to move faster from
funding to study start

Between designing and building their database, recruiting participants, and coordinating study details, Private Invesigators have a lot on their plate. QuesGen can step in to handle the designing, building, and maintaining of the database, and get the study up and running quickly.

A variety of data needs to be captured directly from
the participants at several time points

If your protocol requires multiple questionnaires, you’ll hit a roadblock. The QuesGen research platform makes it able to run multiple sites along with multiple questionnaires for your data curation.