About QuesGen Systems

The Leader in Brain Health Research for Academic and Commercial Studies

QuesGen is a Brain Health CRO uniquely developed for academic and commercial research studies and clinical trials. QuesGen was founded in January 2004 with the vision of providing an easy to use web-based general use data management platform primarily for academic use. Over the last 15 years, QuesGen has grown into a full-service CRO company focusing on Brain Health. Though we still work in all areas of research, we have particular expertise in Brain Health and TBI research. Our focus on Brain Health began with a study out of UCSF called TRACK Pilot. The pilot began in 2009 and is now known as TRACK-TBI.

Since that initial project, we’ve added many additional TBI research projects including CENTER-TBI and The NCAA/DOD funded CARE Consortium. Although the QuesGen software is a general use software platform, our experience in brain research has allowed us to accumulate an extensive library of off the shelf outcomes and assessments allowing for rapid study deployment. Additionally, our work in this area of brain health research has given us a unique perspective on which outcomes and assessments work best in which situation.

Our Mission
Our mission is to help research investigators by supporting their efforts in various ways allowing them to focus on their research. With our extensive knowledge of research standards, data sharing, outcomes, and assessments we can accelerate a research team’s study allowing them to start enrolling patients right away. Our goal is to be the preferred full-service clinical development partner for Brain Health research teams across the globe.
about quesgen

Regarding the makeup of the company, QuesGen has had the same core management team and developers in place throughout the entire process of identifying and delivering solutions unique to the research community. Though heavily weighted in the academic research market, QuesGen has also developed successful commercial studies. We have had conservative growth, making sure that the product and our customer service is of high quality, reliable and will scale well. We have been involved in many studies and have proven ideas about how best to manage technology in a research environment.

Many of our clients involve us in initial project status meetings in the earlier phases of their project. We strive to do everything that we can to ensure that a project is as successful as possible by being flexible and responsive before and throughout the length of the study. By deploying a QuesGen platform, you can be confident in your data history and the integrity of the data management. The data capture required for each study is custom-built to address each study’s specific needs. The system can typically be configured in about a week, depending on project requirements. The QuesGen application is reliable, secure, and flexible. QuesGen Systems was started with the mission of providing web-based data management for clinical research at a reasonable cost. For over 10 years, QuesGen has built numerous systems for leading investigators across the globe as well as a number of commercial projects. QuesGen has been in business since January 2004.