Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs (HVIP)

Violence Reduction, Simplified

Violence prevention and intervention programs are being developed in a number of hospitals across the country. By identifying and providing targeted counseling and support at the bedside, the chances of retaliation and recidivism are reduced significantly.

QuesGen has worked with teams such as the San Francisco Injury Prevention Center, setting them up with QG-Case (our custom-built platform for Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs) to help them manage their data about clients in the program. We set them up with our system, which provides tools for understanding the number of cases screened, enrolled, and addressed. It also provides a web-based application that supports their day-to-day case management.

If you are developing a violence intervention program in your institution, or just want to learn how our solution can help, please contact us or schedule a demo.

quesgen hospital based violence intervention programs

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QG-Case: Resources for caseworkers and researchers, with a focus on Hospital-Based Violence Intervention

Programs for screening, enrolling, and planning treatment for clients can take a lot of time — especially as the programs try to scale.

QG-Case provides consistent screening, enrollment, and treatment for a number of different focus areas. It also provides easy reporting, so it becomes much simpler to secure funding.

You can use QG-Case for all of your documentation and data, from intake and medical record review to processes for case management — or even to streamline processes for your more quantitative outcome data.

QG-Case becomes your single solution for all of it, so everything can live in one place, instead of being spread out across multiple databases or programs.

quesgen hospital based violence intervention programs

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