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Using web-based tools for managing research data is optimal. It removes physical barriers to working with geographically dispersed subjects and personnel. In some situations, the study subjects can enter data themselves via QuesGen’s Participant Portal. Removing the requirement that a person meets with a provider or research assistant to collect data increases convenience and accuracy for staff and study participants as well as decreasing study costs.
quesgen products and services


Create electronic forms to collect patient data.

Most web-savvy users need little or no training to set up forms using QuesGen Software.

Using QuesGen, the form mirrors the data structure giving the research staff a good understanding of the variables and table relationships. Once the data model is developed, creating a form can be done very quickly.

When reviewing the information the patient inputs via the form, you can log notes and view the history of the patient using the fields at the bottom of the form.

All of the colors, fonts, font sizes, and data fields are highly customizable to meet your needs.

Additionally, the form and form data can be securely accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet.


Easy to create questionnaires for data collection.

Whether for data collection or patient recruiting, QuesGen provides the ability to easily create and edit questionnaires.

With the QuesGen software you can:

  • Use “AskIf” filters to automatically ask relevant follow-up questions based on participant answers
  • Allow patients to input data on-site or in their home through a secure link
  • Customize colors, fonts, and sizes to meet your brand standards
  • Check to make sure a user is eligible for the study and automatically assign the user to a group

Using the QuesGen software you never have to worry about losing your data. It is securely stored and backed up on premier servers.

You can create and edit your surveys and also access your data from any location that you have Internet. You simply need to log into your account online. No longer will you be tied to one compter for managing your survey data!

Data Analysis

Create visual displays to analyze your data easily.

QuesGen is the repository for your study data and allows easy extract for analyzing data in the statistic package of your choice.

You can easily export your data into SAS, SPSS, Stata and all other leading statistical packages and spreadsheet applications.

Study Management

It is important to have a quick snapshot of the participation in your study. QuesGen provides the ability to create visual displays of databases in whatever view is meaningful for you.

The best part is your data is always available to be reviewed, exported and used. You and your team can access it securely from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

You’ll be able to check in on on-going research and see the latest results at any time from anywhere!

Patient Recruiting

Automate the recruiting process so you can focus on your research.

QuesGen allows the research team to create a customized website that provides direct patient recruiting using our StudySites service.

It allows the research team to quickly build patient recruiting websites without advanced web design knowledge. We’ll show you how to easily create new web pages and add copy and images to those pages. If you can use Powerpoint, you can build a site with StudySites!

Using StudySites you can add so much more than just a bit of text and a few images:

  • Patient recruiting forms
  • Insert links to other relevant sites
  • Insert links to documents and important forms (consent forms, descriptions of diets, etc.)
  • Add or remove pages
  • Chance the names of the navigation tabs
  • Choose from a variety of web site templates to customize the look and feel of the site

QuesGen customers tell us, the biggest benefit of using a patient recruiting site: you’re able to screen potential participants through a web-based survey that delivers pre-qualified patients directly to your database.

This frees up the time you would spend qualifying candidates and allows you to get back to your actual research.

Data Security

Security of patient data will never be compromised.

Each Institution and Project may have varying security profile requirements. Using QuesGen, the Security Profile can be modified to support your Institution’s needs.

Every data modification is tracked for every database, and for HIPAA compliance, data views can also be logged. Users can trace the history of a data element from its inception to the current value in all cases. All deletions are also logged so that data tampering is not possible.

We know patient data security is of the utmost importance to you. Because of this, we have developed our tools to allow maximum flexibility to run your study while ensuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) is never compromised.

Most systems that you would consider for managing your data would have a mechanism for granting or revoking the ability to see PHI to users.

Using QuesGen, the system will apply an algorthm to each data element to determine if it should be considered PHI. Once the system makes its determination, the default values can be overridden for any elements that were incorrectly identified. This can save hours in the system setup.